Dear Veteran Community,

I am honored and humbled to serve as the second president of Veteran Females United (VFU).  This organization is an amazing formation of intelligent, passionate and dedicated female veterans who served, will serve or are still serving in the United States Armed Forces. Our mission is to engage and empower female veterans to lead healthy and successful lives by providing ongoing guidance and support to them and their families. We accomplish this through holding Peer Facilitator Support Groups, community engagement, advocating for our female veterans, providing resources and bridging the gap between services they earned. We welcome female spouses of veterans and female dependents of veterans and active volunteers with open arms.

Veteran Females United (VFU) was founded in 2013 and has provided exemplary advocacy and support for our female veterans and their families across the lower Rio Grande Valley. Our collaborations include working with South Texas Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans Association (STAIVA), the U.S. Veteran’s Administration, the Texas Veterans Commission, Cameron Count Veteran’s Coalition and the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas (HWNT) just to name a few.

If you are new to VFU or are considering becoming a member, I would recommend that you contact our members, checkout our Facebook page, organization website or attend a meeting and see what we are all about.  Through the collaborative efforts of our membership, VFU stays at the forefront of events happening in our area and remains updated with services and benefits available for those who served.

Let’s grow together! Each member has something to contribute to our veteran family. There is no better way to remain connected and remain informed in molding the future of services for female veterans in the Rio Grande Valley.


Angela R. Burton
(956) 459-7601