In 2013, five female veterans became
 the core members 
of Veteran Females United by supporting each other through educational, personal, and professional experiences.

Later in 2013, the active members of the support group created an organization within the local university that welcomed other female student veterans, wives of veterans, and dependents of veterans and together, they raised awareness of the unique issues female veterans face while participating in campus and community events;

In 2014, the group made the decision to expand
the organization from a student organization to a community organization in order to recruit and support other female veterans within the community.

By March 2016, the group expanding to more than thirty female veterans officially incorporated as Veteran Females United,
a nonprofit organization with the mission to engage and empower female veterans to lead healthy successful lives by providing ongoing guidance and support to them and their families.

In June 2016 the Veteran Females United erected a statue of a female veteran at Brownsville Veterans Park.

July 2018 VFU collaborated with the United Way of Cameron County to obtain office and meeting space.  The partnership allows the organization to expand services.