Female Service Members are eligible for membership when meeting the following:

  1. Must have served or currently serving in the Armed Forces.
  2. Honorable Discharge

Send your application along with a copy of your DD-214 (white out SS and/or DOB) to vfumembership@gmail.com

Click here for the application.

Member Registration Form

VFU t-shirts are at $10.00 each for members.

Children’s t-shirts are at $5.00 each.

The t-shirts are available at the VFU meetings.



Eligibility for inscription to the Female Statue at Brownsville’s Veterans Park.

  1. Registered and active member of VFU
    • Attend monthly meetings (75% of meetings since day of registration)
    • Participate in organizational events and activities since day of registration
    • Been a member at least 3 months